Ethan is a songwriter, award-winning playwright, composer, lyricist and performer based in Calgary, Alberta.

Ethan is a songwriter, musician, singer and playwright. He lives in Calgary, Alberta.

With melodies that will transport you and invite you to hum along, Ethan’s theatre music has won numerous awards. Now he is bringing his songs to the nightclub, with the release of his debut solo record, Hazlewood Pines, produced by Lorrie Matheson. Ethan’s music arrives at the intersection of pop and roots music, with memorable tunes, vivid lyrics and flavourful guitar hooks.

In 2001, Ethan's previous band Bliss Frequency released The Novelty Wears Thin, to positive critical buzz. Ethan’s musicals The Astonishing Adventures of Awesome Girl and Radical Boy and Peril In Paris have won numerous awards, and received universal acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Ethan’s music is steeped in acoustic guitar, and graced with flourishes of violin, percussion, mandolin, and fluid lead guitar. His lyrics feature rich, vibrant and often surprising imagery, intricate rhyming and wordplay, and a subtle sense of humour.

Awards and Achievements

  • Finalist, Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, 2012.
  • Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding New Play (Peril In Paris) with Eric Rose, 2012.
  • Betty Mitchell Nominations for Outstanding Composition and Musical Direction (Peril In Paris), 2012.
  • Betty Mitchell Nomination for Outstanding Composition (In The Wake), 2010.
  • Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Composition (The Astonishing Adventures of Awesome Girl and Radical Boy), 2007.