Album Release on August 16th!

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I am very excited to announce the official launch of my new album Hazlewood Pines!  Come and join me, and some very special guests, on Saturday August 16th for a fantastic evening of music.

The show starts @ 8:00PM (Doors @ 7:30PM), at the Unitarian Church of Calgary - 1703 1st Street N.W.  Tickets are $10 and CDs will be available for purchase at the show.

This launch will be the culmination of an extensive creative process.  The seeds of this record were sown in May of 2013, when I discovered I was the recipient of a 10k20 grant from local radio station UP! 97.7. I spent the summer and fall writing and rehearsing new material, and then recorded for two weeks in January with Lorrie Matheson (at his Arch Audio studio.)  Working with Lorrie was a great experience– I learned a lot, and the intensive recording schedule was a really positive challenge for me as a singer and a musician.

I was fortunate to have a fantastic cast of supporting players on this album – in addition to myself and Lorrie, the record features Chris Dadge, Laura Reid, Lawrence Nasen, James Dangerous, Dolly Sillito, Nathan Dorozio and Evan Rothery.  All of them are great musicians and fantastic people, and all contributed wonderful textures to the album.

The final phase of the process was figuring out how the album would look – and once again, I was lucky to receive help from a highly skilled artist, my friend Mia Rushton, who designed the album art.  I am also grateful for the assistance of my pal Eric Moschopedis, who helped me to put together the very website you are now reading.

A shout-out goes to my friend and roommate Steven Begrand – who put up with my moments of craziness throughout the process, and whose support proved invaluable along the way.  And of course huge thanks to my family, who always inspire and help me in all creative endeavours. 

I am very proud of Hazlewood Pines, and very happy to be able to share it with you.  I hope you can make it on August 16th, but if not, you can pre-order the album right here on my website!